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by Alla S. - October 25, 2022

I wanted to write this review right after the cut I had last week, but decided to wait and see how my new haircut behaves after I wash my hair. To put is in a few words, this is the BEST haircut of my life! I don't even have to do much in order for it to look great! Jason listened to my ideas, made a few suggestions and came up with a perfect cut. Thank you!!!

by Lisa W. - April 22, 2022

Jason is amazing! He understands my hair better than any other stylist I have seen--and I have seen a lot! He listens to what I want but also makes suggestions and I have never been disappointed.

by Mimi A. - April 12, 2022

Look no further, whatever style, cut, or color you are looking for, Jason will execute it well! I rarely leave reviews, but Jason needs to get recognition for his outstanding work. I have been going to Jason for over a decade. He always keeps up with new trends or innovations. He never rests on his excellent skill sets. I call him "Hair Doctor." He can work with all kinds of hair textures or lengths. I have coarse black curly hair, type 3c-4a. This sounds like a challenge, but not for Jason. I did not always know what I wanted, but Jason helped me get to the bottom. He never made me feel rushed. His consultations were informative and helped me decide. His care never stops in his salon. He always goes above and beyond for his clients. He sends me information on new products that can work with my hair. He personally delivers care products to my doorstep if he is in the area. Most of all, he won't rip you off! He is so passionate about hair and its quality. Sometimes you want to overdo it with your hair if you are like me. Jason will give his honest opinion and recommend against it. He could have drained my money, but he is NOT that kind of hairstylist. Lastly, I always get compliments on my haircut and hair colors. I promise you, you won't look any further!

by Jane B - February 9, 2022

I cannot say enough about Jason's work -- his work is stellar. He makes the best suggestions whether it's for color or style. He's patient, kind and decisive which works out perfect because I have difficult-to-deal with hair. Recently I went to another salon to try an altogether different color, but in the end I ended up coming back to his salon to fix the experiment that didn't go so well. I'm so grateful for his expertise.

by Jass P. - February 7, 2022

I really like to go here because it's my favorite.I remember my hair were dark color and I was willing to have light with highlights wow amazing results.Jason my favorite always done his job with efficiency love you guys.

by Jill G. - February 1, 2022

Jason is the best hair stylist! I have been seeing Jason for years at Wicked Salon in SF. The cuts and styling he has given me are great. The moment you sit in his chair, you know you’re receiving all of his experience and expertise. Visit Jason and you will be amazed! Thank you Jason for making my locks look beautiful.

by Catherine L. - November 27, 2021

Where do I begin? Jason is PHENOMENAL in every way. Such a wonderful human being and FABULOUS HAIR STYLIST and colorist. Great Hair is yours if you go to Jason. Jason went far far beyond the call of duty, arranging to see me in very off-hours when no one is in the salon, to protect my highly immune-compromised family member at home. YOU ARE THE GREATEST JASON!

by Pamela R. - November 13, 2021

I won the stylist lottery when I randomly found Jason recently when moving up north from Southern Calif. A more savvy, knowledgeable and kind stylist I have never found in all of my years of dependence on good color. He knows what he's doing, and I might regret making him even more popular by my raving about him.

by Ruching G. - February 13, 2021

I love my haircut Jason is amazing he does give you proper time and talk about your hair and give attention to details I love it and definitely recommend it.

by Lisa K. - August 16 2018

Jason is amazing. I have been to many hairstylists but Jason is definitely among the best. He is not only great with hair color but also haircut which is a rare talent. He is very meticulous and takes pride in his work which I appreciate. I highly recommend Jason.

He Knows His Craft

by Ms J - April 13, 2018

I was lucky to discover Jason Richard over a decade ago - he's an amazingly talented hairstylist (and colorist), and cares about his clients' experience. He's does great work with all hair types (I've seen his work - great with men's hair, too). I happen to have curly hair, and this man knows his craft. I like that he performs precision cuts (not the Deva cut thing), and guarantees his work.
An added benefit is that - an hour is an hour- he won't waste your time. Next time I'll color. He keeps me cute throughout my ages!

Can't Go Wrong

by Monzerrat H - March 31, 2018

I've been coming to Jason for a year and he is phenomenal!! Love how he works and styles my hair, he even works in my gray hairs and make it look like it was intentionally highlighted. I highly recommend him, you can't go wrong.

Attention to Detail

by Mona S - March 30, 2018

I have been going to Jason for about 15 years now and would never, ever think about trusting anyone else with my hair! I discovered him originally by searching for curly hair experts in San Francisco. He excels in that but also is amazing with color and cuts. I can always trust him to be truthful and guide me in the right direction. He is also extremely reasonable considering the experience he brings, the attention to detail that he has and the way he treats all of his clients. I look forward to my appointments and truly trust him and his suggestions 100%. He is professional and kind. Seeing Jason is like visiting an oasis in the middle of San Francisco.

Perfect Care

by Guylaine K - March 20, 2108

Jason took perfectly care of my curly hair and their color. I was afraid to change my hairdresser but had to because of my moving to SF. I am happy to have found Jason. He is welcoming, listens to what you want, and takes the time to make sure you are comfortable with what he suggests. Marvelous!

It was Wonderful

by Kathy H - April 8, 2017

This was my first time going to Jason and it was wonderful. He did an awesome job on my hair, I absolutely love it. He was super friendly and he tells you what he thinks looks good for you even if it may not be the hair style or color you had in mind when you walk in, you will walk out happy and satisfied with your new hair. It was super worth the money and the 15% off from yelp was a great bonus as well. I am for sure going back to him for my hair again in a couple months.

I'm So Happy!!!!

by Bianca D - October 26, 2016

I can't even begin to express how happy I am to have found Jason. My hair is African American Natural and I wanted highlights. He sat with me and actually did a hair analysis to find what would work for me long-term.

Jason is My Hair Wisperer!

by Annette P - October 28, 2015

Everyone tells me that they can't even tell I color my hair... it's like I'm the same natural blonde I've always been! He listens and pays attention to exactly what I want. Oh, and I've been "seeing him" for almost 15 years - need I say more?!

Jason was Amazing!

by Leah S - October 27, 2015

Best haircut I've ever had and well worth the money and the trip to SF! He was very professional and kind when I met him. He brought me some magazines to get some ideas and show him what I wanted. He wanted to first hear what kind of haircut I was thinking of and then he said he would tell me what ideas he had for me. He told me what would work with my curly hair and facial structure. He didn't try to sell me any products. He took time and made sure all the layers were perfect and showed me three different ways to fix my new do! Thank you so much Jason for all you do! God bless you!

Jason is the Hair Master.

by Jill G - September 4, 2015

Jason is the hair master! I have naturally curly hair and it has taken me years to find a stylist that understands curly hair! Do yourself a favor and go see Jason.

Hands Down the Best Haircut I Have Had in My Life

by Jocelyn R - May 5, 2015

Hands down the best haircut I have had in my life. Well worth the price and the trip to San Francisco. I felt amazing right after the cut. My haircut has the most perfect layers ever! Thank you Jason and I can't wait to come back.

I Highly Recommend Jason Richard if You Want Your Hair to Look FABULOUS!

by Kristina B - January 10, 2015

Let me just start by saying that I am someone who is extremely picky about EVERYTHING, ESPECIALLY my hair. I've NEVER been happy with work of any hairstylist who has had the misfortune of having me as a client – EVER, until earlier this week when I had the pleasure of sitting in the chair of stylist Jason Richard.

Not only did he correct a botched job of a so-called stylist that I had seen in Danville a few months prior, he made my hair look the best it ever has. Even according to my husband who is brutally honest about everything. After nearly giving up completely on letting anyone touch my hair again. I decided to take a leap of faith. A few months back, I had gone to a salon in Danville that had great reviews. I went in to have my dark brown highlighted to blonde. Well, I left there with orange and yellow highlights. I came home to my husband asking what the hell I did I do to my hair. I immediately went to Target and picked up a box of dark brown hair dye. So basically, I paid a girl $100 to essentially make my hair orange and yellow, damage it, only so I could dye it back to brown days later. After a few months, I was determined to take one last leap of faith. This time I did my homework. One name kept coming up. Jason Richard. I quickly booked an appointment and crossed my fingers.. I was determined to get those blonde highlights I wanted.

The moment I met Jason, I knew this man knew what he was doing. He was honest during the consultation and explained in detail what he would do, and was very confident in what he would accomplish - very professional. Execution was perfect. He gave me the precise shade if blonde I was going for. PRECISELY. My hair looks perfect against my olive skin and hazel eyes. He clearly knew what he was doing. The foils were done so meticulously. The color is so even.I still can't believe how wonderful my hair looks. I will be making the drive out to SF every 6-8 six weeks, which for me is a big deal. In all honesty I'm extremely lazy, and normally driving the distance is out of the question. Before they built the Neiman Marcus out here, it was the only reason I would ever step foot in the city. But now it looks like S.F. will be welcoming me back for frequent visits."

Changed My Hair Image.

by Gloria R - August 31, 2013

I have been going to Jason for over a year now and I can honestly say that he has totally changed my hair image, ramped it up, and made me look about as good as it gets. I had past my shoulders length long hair I was reluctant to give up despite the lousy condition and my advanced age of mid 60's Yes! You would think I was still in the 1960s, and maybe I was, but anyway, I am now with the program, have a short but not too short style that suits my hair, face shape, life style, and personality. Quite a difficult combo for a real estate agent/artist/dog owner woman with wavy and coarse hair. Bottom line, go see Jason and do what he tells you to do and you will also, I am sure, have the best hair you can get at the best price using the best and not over the top products. PS I get compliments from strangers who stop me and tell me my hair looks great!

Will Definitely Go Back!

by Patricia F - June 7, 2013

I have been looking for a great hairstylist for years and I think I've struck gold. Jason is honest and knowledgeable and you get a great cut. Will definitely go back again.

Your Search for an Excellent Stylist Starts Here!

by Pamela D - September 30, 2012

Jason spent a lot of time listening to my needs and offered his professional, artistic advice to achieve my goals and obtain a look that would be more flattering. Was he ever RIGHT on! His color expertise is the best! He blended and toned over existing color to achieve exactly what I was looking for and it's absolutely gorgeous! He corrected a bad haircut expertly, changing the lines to accent good features, offset areas to be hidden. I left his salon a new and VERY happy woman. His prices are very reasonable. I made two more appointments with him until I have to leave CA. Just wish I could take him with me! He's the best!

A Few Things You Have to Know About Me

by Sue Ann G - September 11, 2012

Few things you have to know about me.
1. I'm Asian. So I've only trusted my hair with Asian salons (we Asians will understand why)
2. I've done so much shit to my hair you have no idea.
3. I'm very VERY particular about my hair. Seriously.

I've gone to numerous salons including Japanese ones but it'd always look great for a week or less and just become blah again. I decided to try Jason because I saw so many good reviews about him and I just wanted to have nice manageable hair again! After a consultation with him, I liked how he explained things very carefully to me, listened to my qualms and gave me suggestions as well. He really has a good understanding of hair so I decided to take a gamble. To cut things short, I'm seriously ecstatic! He made my hair actually look healthy again while giving me such a great cut! I could even see how pleased he was with the results after hahaha. The only negative thing would be going all the way to SF and having to find a suitable day amongst his busy schedule. But really, I'm so grateful for his skills in giving cuts and color that really complement your face, and his emphasis on easy maintainance.

I Love My Hair

by Keri T - June 25, 2012

I love Jason. He does my hair so well, I only need to see him about 3-4 times a year. I am pretty good about relinquishing control and letting the professional do his or her job, and with Jason it has never been easier. His cuts are great and the color amazing.

World Class

by JnDg - April 30, 2011

Jason is supremely talented. I've lived in different places - Europe, Latin America, US- so my experience with stylists has been incredibly varied. From obscenely expensive high-end salons in Germany to quaint barber shops in Mexico, Jason has been the best, period. To be honest, I've never been enthusiastic enough about a stylist to write a review (I found Jason through these reviews, so I figured I'd now write my own...).
It goes far beyond the fact that he's incredibly meticulous and has a fantastic eye for detail. He's a true professional who takes immense pride in his work. Jason's cuts get better better....they build on each other in a steady progression, as if he's carefully honing his work with every visit. He spends plenty of time discussing what you want, every time, and offers insightful suggestions that hadn't even crossed your mind. As a guy, I've sometimes felt a bit weird about the full-on salon experience and didn't know much about taking care of slightly longer hair, but he took the extra time to educate me. Oh, and he’s a genuinely cool and interesting cat to boot...a few of his stories are pretty wild.

After my first visit or two, I started to get approving remarks from friends family. Even someone who had always said how ghastly I look with longer hair mentioned with no prompting that she really liked the cut. When I said, "but haven't always hated longer hair on me?", she replied, "Well, but this is different - now you're obviously working with someone who knows exactly what he's doing!".
In other words, Jason's work speaks for itself.

Fantastic Stylist

by Susanvl - March 1, 2011

I can't say enough about Jason! He's one terrific stylist, and I look forward to each appointment with him. I found Jason on the Internet. The reviews he received from his very loyal clients seemed tailor made for me: they raved that he was great with color and longer hair, and that he was a stylist who really listens to his clients and helps them obtain the look they want! From my first visit, I knew I had found my stylist: Jason always makes my hair look terrific (I get asked all the time for the name of my stylist), and he works hard to keep my look fresh and my color vibrant. I am a Realtor with a fairly high profile, and he really helps me get a great look that's easy for me to maintain and recreate on a daily basis. In addition, Jason is a kind, considerate, interesting and appreciative guy. We always have a lot to talk about at every appointment, and he goes out of his way to express his gratitude for the referrals I've sent his way. He provides a high quality of ! service and I am more than happy to refer him to my friends, clients or whoever asks for the name of my stylist!

Jason Richard is FANTASTIC!!!!

By Nett - December 21,2010

I hate to give the secret away, but I knew the first time I met him that he understood my hair. I've been fighting with my lion mane curls for my entire life and he just took one look at me and immediately understood what its been like for me. Having gone to other higher end salons both here and in Beverly Hills, Jason is the first stylist I've worked with to whom I've remained a loyal fan. His cuts are superb, he always gives me amazing color, and most importantly he respects my comfort zone but has a wonderfully insightful way of pushing the envelope with me just enough that I always get up from his chair with a fabulous head of hair. Every time I get my hair done with him now the compliments pour in from all sides - that never NEVER used to happen. Jason, you are an absolute treasure!!!

Top-Notch Hair Stylist in the Bay Area

By Ayakomie - November 10, 2010

I've had Jason do my hair last week. I have been in the Bay Area for two years and have tried several hair salons but not a single salon was satisfying enough for me to go back again. I think Jason has a very good eye and communicating skills. We had five minutes conversation before he did my hair and he knew exactly what I wanted, or even better, how he can make me look better. A lot of hair stylists are not creative enough, or just do average or mediocre work to make us look ok. But we need professional help us look beautiful, sexy, and attractive. We do not need a hair stylist to do what we tell them to but a stylist who can tell how to improve out looks. Hair stylist-client relationship should be more collaborative, which would result in the best look. Jason is the right guy to achieve that. I have worked with the top stylists in famous salons in Tokyo and New York City and Hong Kong, such as Federic Fekkai. They are great but also very pricey, too. I spent $ 600 at Fek! kai for hair cut and coloring. Jason is a top-notch hair artist but also affordable, and also charming. Hair is something you wear everyday. We deserve to look great. Jason can help you with that.


By Sarahcity - October 16, 2010

Beyond belief, wonderful enough that I created my Citysearch account just to share my happiness. Jason is friendly, funny, nice, TALENTED beyond belief, everything I've ever wanted in a hairstylist. And he LISTENS. He uses his skill to achieve just the look I want or need, and gently guides me when necessary. More expensive than I'm used to and I lived for 10 years in Manhattan), but so worth it.

Exceeds Highest Standards - Simply Fantastic!

By Minxx - August 15, 2010

Jason carries more talent in one pinkie than other lauded SF stylists on any given day! The man is pure genius. I have long (mid-back), dark, wavy hair and he cut in beautiful layers that gave my hair a sexy oomph. He may charge more than others (though worth every little penny), but he is incredibly honest and does not force anything on you. In fact, I asked if he thought I should dye my hair and he said no because the natural color was already well-suited. My sister also went to him and could not stop raving about him for weeks thereafter. She was hesitant to go because she had shorter hair (reaches her collarbones), and was afraid that he would not be able to do anything with it. But he made it look drop dead gorgeous; lots of volume and super sexy. Anyway, I'd highly recommend him. I travel quite a bit, so it's important for me to have a cut that will grow out well, and he certainly knows how to achieve that. Besides, he's positively delicious to look at :-)!

Fabulous Color, Cut, with Ton of Style!

by Kell Belle - July 12, 2010

I am a native Sacramentan and had struggled with my hair color and styles for several years.. UNTIL I decided to go out of my home town and look for a qualified colorist and hair stylist in San Francisco. I found Jason Richard from reading fabulous reviews and made my first appointment with him well over a year ago. I have been extremely happy with his professionalism, personal touches, outstanding service and most importantly, my hair color and cuts have been fantastic! I never feel that he is rushing through my appointment.. he puts all his attention and focus on me and my hair. Jason is personable and fun too! I will continue to drive from Sacramento to make my faithful appointments with him. He is well worth your time and money! Thanks for all your fabulous work, Jason! I absolutely love you!!! :)

Finally Found "The One......" Hairstylist I'll Ever Need!

by hmcmills - July 9, 2010

I have been seeing Jason-Richard for my hair since 2009. It's rare that you find an equally skilled colorist and cutter in the same stylist. Jason-Richard has successfully interpreted what I have described (even without visuals) I wanted in a cut undefined color EVERY TIME...and I have had a few different looks over the past year and a half. He is amazing. I have and would continue to highly recommend Jason-Richard to the most discerning people.

The Ultimate Hairstylist and Colorist

by MK Neely - February 24, 2010

Have tried the so called "great" hair people in SF for years. Was NEVER satisfied until I found Jason through this site. His years in Hollywood plus his good taste and sensibilities break him out of the usual SF boring styles with his certain pop without spilling over into loud bad taste, refined and attention-grabbing, a hard combination in a hair do, but he does it! And he's a great guy to be around.

Fabulous stylist, giving both my daughter and myself styles and colors that make us look so much better we drive over from Sacramento just for Jason!

Pros: Individualized, Thoughtful, Flattering, Complete Hairstyle
Cons: Small Space

Great Colorist

by Syelwell - November 11, 2009

It was such a great experience. He fixed the brassy color I had in my hair and really didn't like. I felt comfortable because he knew what he was doing. It was great. It was a relaxing experience. I love the way it turned out! I needed my hair color fixed and he did it perfectly! What more could I ask for :)

Pros:He definitely knew what he was doing.

Beyond Wonderful

by blkturtleneck - October 03, 2009

Jason is an incredible stylist, but better than that, a great person. I have been seeing Jason for years - never disappointed - in fact, each cut is better than the one before. Jason listens to what you have in mind and then creates something better than you could have ever imagined. He is warm, caring, and down to earth despite the fact that he is talented enough to be a jerk, ego face, diva head (and he would still be worth going to). He is also sensitive to when you want to talk, and when you just don't feel up to it. I've lived here for over 20 years, and Jason is one of the best discoveries that I have made.

Pros: All Things Positive
Cons: Not a Thing

Wonderful Hairstylist!

by Aislinnm - July 1, 2009

My mother always told me: Once you find a good hairstylist to keep it to yourself, but, Jason Richard is a jewel and if any of you have had a bad haircut, color, etc. then you will know how I felt before I walked in to see him. I went in for a consultation and I had bleached-bleached-bleached blond hair it had some orange some yellow some white and it was fried! He showed me some pictures of what he was planning to do with my hair and I immediately felt at ease. For the first time I was excited for my hair appointment. It has been almost a month since I have gotten my hair done and I have kept receiving compliment after compliment on my hair. He made me feel confident again. He found the perfect color for me even though my hair was so damaged to begin with it feels smoother and shinier and the color is amazing! I am absolutely going to go back! For all you blonds that are having a hard time finding that perfect color go see Jason Richard you will not be disappointed.

Pros: Great Hairstylist Great Company
Cons: A Little Pricey, but Worth It!

Color Scientist - Genius, but shhhhh!

by DAlexander
- March 26, 2009

This curious brunette turned blonde in Jason's hands, and the transition has been so seamless ("rootless" - literally!) that many old friends even see my "Jason blonder" hair as natural!! I was the only one getting used to it, but I love it and will keep it.

In addition, Jason, although in high demand, works with my schedule and needs with the flexibility of a friend - I guess that is what "being treated like a celebrity" ultimately is all about. The best kept secret that I would like to keep...well, for myself.

Pros: Perfectly Colored Hair, That Lasts.
Cons: Drawbacks...?


By ElleIndigo
‎- Mar 12, 2009

After having my hair done at numerous salons over the years, I've fortunately found Jason. I finally feel that I have the color and cut I've been searching for - natural and easy. He asks the right questions and offers the right solutions. I have what I call "combination hair", half curly/half straight, and I'm getting a lot of gray. Jason knows exactly what it needs and I can just leave it up to him. While there are many, a couple of the other things I appreciate about Jason are that he's a great conversationalist and a downright fabulous guy.

A Miracle For Curly Hair!

by Medok - September 14, 2008

I have just moved to Bay Area from NYC. I needed a new stylist for my wavy/curly hair and I found Jason Richard on this website. Having service at Devachan and Curlisto salons in NYC, I was very skeptical before my appointment. Before cutting my hair, Jason listened to me very carefully, lifted my hair differently to show how my new style will look, and even drew me a picture of my future look :). He has his own approach to curly hair different from Devachan and Curlisto (he wets and shampoos hair before the cut), but the result is amazing! Richard is a very talented stylist! He made my best haircut ever! I received a lot of compliments from my co-workers and friends. I highly recommend him! It is worth it to drive the 140 miles.

Best Blonde - Best Highlights - Best Cut - Best Personality!

by Selashops - July 28, 2008

I've been getting blonde highlights and my haircut all over this city for the past 6 years, jumping from salon to salon to find the right balance of talent/cost. Usually they do mediocre to good job the first time around, which grows out into something unexpectedly horrible and then they can't make anything good of it come the second time around (and they don't even know it!) And it goes downhill from there. Jason breaks the mold, by far. I have never received the amount of compliments on my hair as I do when I get it done by Jason. I was even getting compliments 12 weeks after I had last seen Jason! My highlights lasted an incredible 16 weeks without looking horrendous (I kind of like the dark contrast, but also have naturally light hair). Jason had to do major damage control of cleaning up a horrible last haircut (too many uneven, short/long contrasting layers in my long hair) and fixing a golden/orange tone job from the previous stylist. He did this and so much more. The blonde was matched perfectly to compliment my skin tone, the haircut is clean and stylish - not messy uneven layers, and he is very competitively priced. Not to mention that he is extremely professional, on time, very intuitive and focused. He always listens to me and seems to know exactly what I am thinking. Not to mention cute and fun! And the salon - Wicked - is beautifully and simply decorated, conveniently located in Union Square and ran by a couple of other really nice stylists. No pressure to buy product and no attitude whatsoever. Actually, it's a very relaxing environment! You have to give Jason a try; you'll be happy you did.

Pros: Jason's skills, salon ambiance, overall value and service
Cons: None

Reborn Curly Blonde Hair

by pfdiddy - July 15, 2008

If this salon experience didn't work out it was going to be my last. I was at the end of my ability to deal with my hair either by myself or with the "help" of over priced stylists. Having wild, over highlighted, frizzy, brassy long hair was obviously too much for every stylist I'd been to in SF to handle. Jason however, KNEW exactly what had to happen and he executed it brilliantly. He absorbed my hair-hate mentality and assured me that there could be love there. Ultimately I wanted soft, healthy curls that were sophisticated and workable. He gave me that and more. Because my hair was in such a disastrous state, he gave me two extra treatments that I'm certain he didn't charge me for. He said it will make his job easier in the future. Well, it's made my life easier now. The color is amazing. It's my natural blonde with depth and gloss. The cut has allowed my curls to really coil and the texture is unbelievably soft. I didn't think my hair could feel like this without being straightened and flat ironed. I'm incredibly grateful to him. If you have curly unmanageable hair, run, don't walk to Jason.

Pros: wonderful overall salon experience

Fierce hair!

by Ctam - April 10, 2008

Jason is the most committed and talented stylist I know... and I know many. I feel completely safe and confident that I can turn my hair over to Jason and he will deliver a style and color perfect for me. For years I was tired of my color looking brassy and hearing "your hair just pulls red." I now have a rich, creamy, delicious color with no brass. I highly recommend him to everyone no matter what your hair type. You will leave looking and feeling fabulous!

They DO Rave About Him, Don't They!

by wordlyon - March 29, 2008

Well.. there's good reason. Jason is a commensurate professional. There was some snafu in the scheduling of my appointment. I arrived & the staff could find no record of my being scheduled to see Jason. It was odd, as I'd received a "confirming your appointment" call 48 hours before... Plus, I had taken the day off from work JUST for this color & cut with Jason. The staff were accommodating & bent over backwards to get things on track. They phoned Jason to see if he would come in. He agreed immediately, flew over by taxi & I was in the chair 30 minutes later. I was never made to feel that the error was mine, and as it turned out, it wasn't. 'Just one of those things... My hair is very difficult.. curly, coarse & over-processed. I had 3 colors going on: my field-mouse brown, 50-75% gray coming in, and this nasty orange mess that came of years in the Rocky Mountain sun & my over-the-counter hair color products. Jason had an idea, and I handed the reigns over to him...After all, he's the expert. I haven't had dark hair since I was 22 years old, and I'm pushing 50 now... It was scary, and I trusted him. He checked and double-checked with me to ensure that we were on the same page. Sort of like the surgeon that makes sure it's your left kidney he's removing... Uh, anyway... I left the salon with beautiful dark ringlets & a cut that was very flattering. He set me up with products that really work for my crazy mop. I'm grateful to Jason, and to the staff at Wicked Salon. Had the experience gone smoothly from the get-go, I would not have seen just how seriously they take customer service. Go! You'll be Thrilled that you did :0)

Pros: First-rate customer service and expertise
Cons: The hair dryers would be more comfortable if their height were adjustable.

Excellent Hairstylist! He is a Dream Come True!

by stephanieaa - February 02, 2008

So I went to Jason for the first time a week ago. I went to him with severely damaged, bad highlighted blonde hair. I was praying for someone to give my hair a makeover because I was starting to look so washed out. I honestly was rarely wearing my hair down anymore, and it was taking me over an hour to fix so it would look even half way nice.

Jason is a miracle maker!!! really!!! He gave my hair the makeover it was looking for. I have been getting so many compliments on my hair just in this past week. The beautiful highlights and low lights really brighten my face. My highlights now look beautiful, blonde and blended. He not only gave me an instant look change, but he also put me on a long term plan to get my hair healthy again (including protein shampoo and conditioner, a weekly hair mask, and heat protector for when I blow dry).

Jason is not only friendly and fun to talk to, and he is full of ideas if you need help deciding what you want your look to be. He is perfect at matching a hairstyle to a face, as he did with mine. He really makes you feel at home and treats his clients like celebrities.

I am sticking to Jason! He is a dream come true!

Pros: blonde highlights, expertise in hair maintenance and care, personality, trendy style, salon location
Cons: none

Finally a Great Hairstylist!

by FSSF - January 25, 2008

I have been highlighting my hair off and on for a few years and always thought that it looked good. Then I found Jason. My very fine hair does not take to color or cuts very well and insists on doing whatever it pleases...until I introduced my hair to Jason. Someone on this site rated him "best California blonde" and I believe it.

You think that you have coloring before - you haven't until you visited Jason. Not only does he take the time to listen to you when getting colored or cut, he does what YOU want not what he wants. (Granted he will steer you right if you are going to a way off dark place that you shouldn't go to). He generates the best color which looks natural and has depth - it shines and I get more compliments on it then I ever have before.

To make it better, you don't need to reserve 6 mo in advance - usually you can get in with 2weeks notice! The staff at the salon is amazing and friendly and everyone treats you like a celebrity.

LOVE this guy - he can do no wrong.

Pros: Best Hairstylist in SF
Cons: None!

Best Yet

by kellyvv - January 22, 2008

I finally got my schedule together and got in to Jason Richard whom I had wanted to see based on so many rave Internet reviews. I had to see if all the hype was real -- and I have to say -- it was not exaggerated in the least. I have traveled far and wide to have my hair done and have been to the best salons in California (Christophe, Canale Salon, Chris McMillan Salon, Umberto, 77 Maiden Lane). There is no distance I will not travel in search of the perfect hair! Up until Jason I could never get one person - or even one salon -- to do both the color and cut well. It seemed I was always giving up one to perfect the other. Finally, with Jason I got both. He changed my long layers just enough so that my hair has more style and falls more naturally without taking off much length -- and he did a beautiful job making my color look so natural. He is the best ! I have only restyled my own hair three times since I got it cut and EVERY time someone asks me where I get my hair cut. The lines are just perfect and yet it is quite simple! This is my first review EVER on ANYTHING -- but I just felt compelled to chime in with all the others. The salon is quite nice -- quiet and stylish -- and a great location. I will travel to Jason for as long as he is doing hair!

Amazing Job on My Fried Hair

by kchristi - November 15, 2007

I have very thin fine hair that doesn't grow and every time I go to a stylist (usually only when its been fried) they don't listen to me and cut my hair off - leaving me unhappy with short hair for a long time to come. When my hair became badly damaged from coloring I spent and months and months agonizing about going to a stylist because I was afraid of having it butchered against my wishes again. After an exhaustive online search, I made an appt. with Jason Richard during a business trip to San Francisco. By the time I got to him I had severely damaged, two-toned hair. He took the time to listen to my concerns and took me seriously when I told him I absolutely did not want short hair! He was great about making sure that I was comfortable with everything he was doing before he did it and spent a great deal of time cutting, treating, and highlighting my hair.

The results were amazing! His expert highlighting technique coupled with his care and concern for my wishes have made him invaluable to me. I have had so many bad experiences with stylists before now that I only saw one when I was desperate to fix something. Now, not only will I make the 700 mile trip to see him when I need my highlights done, I tell everyone I know who goes anywhere near San Francisco to find the time to make an appointment with him. I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone!!

Pros: Takes time to listen, does what you ask, and is very skilled
Cons: None

Editorial Review

by Contributor - October 19, 2007

Magazine acclaimed stylist uses precision cuts and expert coloring techniques to create trendy styles that will make heads turn.

Curly Hair? This Guy is Your Best Friend

by moelke616 - October 16, 2007

I have naturally curly hair and have found it very difficult to get a great cut--ANYWHERE. After trying to grow it out for the last couple of years, I decided to just chop it because I didn't want another bad, "long" curly haircut. I went online one night and read as many reviews as possible, and decided to try Jason at "Wicked Salon." He had phenomenal reviews, and a lot of them. He responded to my email the next day, and I went in with the intention of chopping my curls off. However, he talked to me about cuts, angles, products, and care, and I left with long, beautiful locks that make me look my age (26, not an aging hippy). I highly recommend Jason-- he was focused, attentive, listened to what I had to say about my hair, did not rush, and even offered to cut more off if I didn't like the long cut. I felt taken care of with him. If you have curls and hate the way most people cut them (which is always too short), try going to Jason. He rocks.

Pros: Atmosphere, Staff, Perks

My New Favorite Hairdresser!!!

by kirstin122 - September 27, 2007

I was in serious need of a new 'do but I know less than nothing about hairstyles. I gave him the basics of what I wanted (bangs, angles, shorter length) and then he worked his magic. When it came to my bangs, he cut them long and then gradually shortened them twice after asking me each time if I wanted to go shorter to make sure he wasn't cutting them shorter than I wanted. He's a great communicator and listens to what I want before stating what he thinks...and what he thinks is always right! I trust him very much, even though I've only been to him twice, but the first time I went he stopped me from making a bad decision...once again, because I know nothing about hair.

Unfortunately, I'm moving so I may not be able to go to him again, but he even recommended a hairdresser where I'm moving! I highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a new stylist and needs someone who knows what they're doing and who they can trust. Jason is awesome and I couldn't be happier with my new cut! Go to him!!!

Pros: Everything
Cons: Nothing

I Thought My Hair was Great Before, Now it is Amazing! I Swear this Guy is for Real.

by briella - August 13, 2007

I just moved to SF from LA, and although I hate leaving my colorist in Bev. Hills, that's an expensive commute. So not knowing anyone, I went to citysearch and decided to take my chances with Jason (considering he had 27 outstanding reviews). Jason listened to what I wanted and my concerns, and he tells you what he's doing as he does it. I am so pleased with the coloring and highlights Jason did, my hair looks incredible, it has depth, color and looks very natural. I love my guy in Beverly Hills, but I'm staying with Jason, he's definitely a one-of-a-kind genius (not to mention he has a great personality and is easy to talk to).

Pros: EVERYTHING, especially my new highlights. Plus Jason's a really nice guy.
Cons: parking, isn't it always in the city

Highly Recommended

by nordsving - August 03, 2007

On my first visit to San Francisco, I really wanted to get my hair done, and Jason's revues were right on. He's extremely down to earth, very good at what he does, and fun. That combination is pretty hard to find.. Highly recommended .If I ever make it back to San Francisco I will definitely look him up again.

The Best Cut for My Curly Hair

by hegrenshaw - July 29, 2007

I found Jason Richard via this site about 8 months ago--when I first moved here. I was desperate for a haircut but Nervous, Nervous to let a stranger touch my curly hair! Not only has he consistently done a fabulous job, he has a real tangible conversation with me each time (not just during the first consult) before he gets started about what we want to do. I've never seen anything like it; he knows what he's doing and knows the value of explaining his thoughts in advance--at least it's more concrete and in more detail than I've ever encountered. I've never been happier with the results. And his new salon space rocks.

If I had to complain in some way about his business what would I say? That I think he might not be charging enough for what he's doing...(don't tell him I said that!)

Amazing Color and Cut !! The Best for My Curly / Wavy Hair!

by ladyt33 - April 01, 2007

Jason Richard is a true artists when it comes to hair color and cut ! i was flying down to Laguna beach to get my hair done until i found Jason ! He listened to what i wanted to accomplish with my hair, and created a cut and color that absolutely fits me ! i have curly hair which i have never been able to find a right cut for until Jason discovered what i have been missing, i feel better than ever with my hair color and my amazing, sexy, low maintenance cut !

Pros: accommodating to my schedule, amazing color and cut

The Answer To My Hair Prayers

by michellecc - February 14, 2007

The first year I lived in San Francisco I wandered from stylist to stylist unhappy and badly coiffed. Then I found Jason Richard. His background is very similar to the fabulous stylist I had in Chicago-- highly respected with a ton of editorial work and a mention in Allure's Best of Beauty issue. Given this CV I knew he would be a gifted stylist. The wonderful surprise is that he is calm, low-key and very charming. A session with him leaves my curly hair looking great and my nerves soothed. His cuts are excellent, with precise details that result in soft lines. He has blown my hair out straight and styled it curly and I could have gone straight out on the town either way.

The salon has a great, laid-back vibe that is sort of the antithesis of an overwrought salon. Everyone seems very dedicated to doing great hair rather than getting caught up in a lot of drama. I'm looking forward to going again soon-- I think it may be time for some highlights.

Pros: Good Location, great prices.

Jason Richard is the Best!

by gimmered32 - January 24, 2007

As a former hairstylist and hair colorist from Dallas, I know when a stylist knows what they're doing or not. With this said, I've been a loyal client of Jason Richard for 10 years and am thankful to say that I have never been disappointed with his ability or instinct when I request that he "make me beautiful!" Jason Richard has successfully managed my premature gray and made me shine with both color and cut. He works his magic and gives me that special confidence and attitude that come with knowing you look your best and then some. I highly recommend him as a consummate professional, great friend, and artistic genius. He's the most naturally talented stylist and colorist I've ever witnessed, and I've seen a lot.

Jason is My Favorite!

by szesztai - January 18, 2007

This is the place to go! Wonderful highlights, perfect haircut! He always makes me laugh, so you're not only getting what you want but having a great time there.

Good customer service, excellent team!

This Man is Talented

by cmpansini - January 12, 2007

I have recently relocated from Los Angeles, leaving behind a stylist I have loved and trusted for years. I shared my apprehension with Jason who promised me that he knew how to handle a 'newbie'....and does he ever. In one session, he took my unruly mop and gave me hair I could be proud of. He showed me that I can love my curls and, thanks to him, I now do. His color manages to be both subtle and striking while never losing sense of its' elegance. I am thrilled to have found him and will absolutely be returning!

Pros: He is patient and takes his time...I never felt rushed out of his chair
Cons: Parking can be a challenge

I Fy from San Diego to See Jason Richard

by spadepiccolo - December 15, 2006

I can pay Richard no bigger compliment than to tell you that I moved to San Diego on 2004 and I still fly up to San Francisco to have Richard style my hair. I will follow him wherever he goes.

About 4-5 years ago, I moved to San Francisco and was without a stylist. One day while shopping, I ran into someone with hair of the same length and texture as mine. Her cut was fabulous. I asked her who she went to and I was referred to Richard who I have been seeing ever since. During the first consult, I was amazed at the mistakes he found in my cut. He showed me imbalances; cuts made in haste and color issues and then corrected everything.

It is impossible to exaggerate how talented he is. First-rate and flawless come to mind. I have had great stylists my whole life but Richard is, by far, the best. You will be hard-pressed to find someone more patient, honest, and skilled. I cannot begin to tell you how much he has accommodated my schedule and distance issues-above and beyond. He prides himself on precision and as a result, my cuts grow out beautifully and always look fresh. I often tell Richard that he does such a good job that I don't have to come in as often as I would with someone else. He's just too good!

Once you go to Richard, you will never go anywhere else. He makes me look AND feel great.

Pros: skill, skill, skill, price, location, great stylist and colorist, customer service, no product pushing

Good Times

by higgins71 - October 10, 2006

My friend Denise recommended Richard. As a guy, I wasn't thrilled at the prospect of going to a salon, but I was tired of settling for cheap "Supercuts." At that point, I was rudderless; having gone months without a haircut, so I figured it couldn't hurt. He took one look at me and knew exactly what I needed. Richard's haircuts are great. I've been going to him for three years now, and I have no intention of going anywhere else. Longer, shorter - he is versatile and has an uncanny sense of what looks best. Richard is also a great guy and an entertaining conversationalist. Highly recommended.

Great Highlights

by abbierichie - September 29, 2006

I just had my hair highlighted (9/28) by Jason for the first time. He did an excellent job consulting with me and making me feel comfortable. I was really pleased with the results. In a city full of prima donna hair stylists and colorists, he is a breath of fresh air. I would definitely see him again.

Glamour Hair

by misamaar - August 17, 2006

Richard was recommended to me by a friend with similar long wavy hair and I just love him. He quickly fixed a previously bad cut. He knows what works best for your face and your hair type. He definitely knows hair. And Richard is both quick and super friendly, so you feel relaxed and comfortable. You leave superstar fab.

Pros: styling, ambiance, friendliness

Great Hair Stylist

by emmieo - August 01, 2006

I actually met Richard through my previous hairdresser; and I am so glad we met. She left me in great hands. He is an excellent hair designer. My hair is short, however, Richard manages to style it beautifully; and his ideas on coloring are really advanced. He is very respectful of his clients, and his prices are reasonable. I hope to keep Richard as my hair stylist. - Cornelia

Pros: Convenient Union Square location

Incredibly Talented

by laurenkolo - July 31, 2006

I was referred to Jason Richard by my coworker and what a great recommendation. I moved to San Francisco a year ago and had 2 other recommendations both complete letdowns. This guy is GREAT with blondes....his highlights are impeccable and the cut he gives it good enough to save me time on styling. Best of all his prices are completely reasonable. He puts creativity, and technique and attention to details in every visit and I always get tons of complements!

Great Staff

by sahari - July 08, 2006

I traveled almost 40 miles for my appointment with Jason Richard and with it came the apprehension of trying a new colorist. I immediately liked Jason - he was very attentive and listened intently when we discussed what my expectations were. He is a perfectionist and a true artist. I left the studio with exactly how I wanted my hair to look. He clearly understood what I had envisioned. I also loved the studio's ambiance - great staff, great listening music, and fresh air. The stations are next to a large window where you can actually breathe in fresh air. Last but not least - he has a great smile! I'll definitely be following-up with him.

Cons: None

The Real Thing

by ssneerin - June 30, 2006

Celebrity styling without the attitude...

Finally divorced myself from same stylist after too many years,

took a chance on someone new and the experience was better than I ever could have hoped. Jason-Richard is the real thing. Subtle highlights, just the right cut, seems to be an expert in "developing" a style specifically for the individual. Five Stars!!

Pros: Listens, and really seems to care

Great Haircuts and Blonde Highlights!

by pnixon - June 24, 2006

Jason has been cutting and highlighting my hair for nearly 4 years. I am always happy with the cut and color from the time I walk out of the salon until I return. He is very good at updating my basic haircut so it never looks out of style.

Great Hair!

by lisawill - June 21, 2006

I have been getting haircuts from Jason Richard for several months and find him extremely responsive. He gives me the cut I want, whether by my description or from a photo that I bring to him. He takes time with me, and is very exacting in order to give me the cut I desire. To top it all off, he is also lots of fun!


Pros: Prime location in Union Square, so easy to get to from Bart, Muni or driving. Flexible appointment scheduling. Friendly staff
Cons: None

I ONLY Trust Jason with My Color and Haircuts!!!

by jsalazarrr - June 19, 2006

I just recently got my hair done this past weekend. I love when I can just show Jason a picture of a style that I want and he always gives it to me! He'll make sure the color and or cut fits me.


by frolic1 - June 12, 2006


Great Eye, Great Styling

by tomfolks - June 07, 2006

I've been going to Jason Richard for years, and he's a master at creating a really good haircut. I've always trusted his recommendations--which can be a real mistake with some stylists--and have never been disappointed. He takes the time to make sure everything is just right.

I Wouldn't Trust My Hair to Anyone Else

by sprowess - May 27, 2006

Richard has been taking care of me and my hair for years now. The first time I saw Richard, I was going through hair hell, in the beginning phases of letting my bangs grow out. I needed help with my style, and I needed to find someone to understand that I like my highlights to look natural both during the first month I receive them, and during the fourth month of grow out. I walked in to see Richard; he listened to my concerns and me; he offered his own thoughts and ideas, and the outcome was and is perfect. Always perfect. My best friend (Brian) sees Richard, and now my sister, who LOVES her highlights. Again, I wouldn't trust my hair to anyone else!

Pros: Convenient location, Flexible scheduling, Great conversation

Richard is Five-Star

by georgie2006 - May 26, 2006

Richard is absolutely the best. Period.

As a flight attendant, no matter where I'm based, I always make the extra effort to fly in to San Francisco to get him to do my hair. Yes, he's that good.

He listens, he's upbeat, and he knows how to make you gorgeous. What more could anyone want?

Pros: Creative, Knows color, Great haircuts

You'll Love Him.

by jennyn - May 17, 2006

I spent a long time trying to find someone who could cut my curly hair. I finally found Richard. He knows that I do not like to spend a lot of time on my hair so he found a style that works for me. I also get a lot of compliments on my hair coloring. He works with you to develop the right coloring that will make you look good. You'll love going to him

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