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Hairstyle Tips

Tips to Finding Your Best Hairstyle

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Consult with your Hairstylist

Answering the question what's your best hairstyle should be a mutual effort between you and your hairdresser! Your part includes; first finding a good hairdresser and second an honest assessment of yourself. Your hairdresser needs to determine face shape and lifestyle issues. They also need to know what you will and won't do in regards to styling your hair. That's it!

So what's your best hairstyle? There is more than just one hair style that will be flattering on you, but as you've probably experienced, the best hair styles you've had have been effortless and brought compliments and the bad haircuts…well, nothing goes right!

Know Your Face Shape

Need I say that the best hairstyles for round shape differ from the best hairstyles for heart shape faces? This is scary, but I remember a time when the connection between hairstyle and face shape was not something openly acknowledged. It wasn't taught in beauty school. This means your hairdresser had an eye for good balance, or not! Still, not all hairdressers 'get it' or have the artistic eye to know what haircuts are most flattering for your face shape. For that reason, it's good to learn for you what works and what doesn't work with your face shape. Knowledge is power!

Know Your Hair Type and Texture

This is just as important as the subject of knowing your face shape. Your hair type and texture will match up specifically well with certain hairstyles. When a good match is made, your hair will look great while being easy to style. When your hair type is wrong for any style and you try to wear it anyways . . . you'll be fighting it daily and damaging it in your attempt to beat it into submission!

You can't be expected to know the best hairstyles your hair type and texture will work with, but a good hairdresser will know and is of key importance here. In its natural state do you have straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair or kinky hair? Is your hair thin, medium or thick? Is your hair fine or coarse in texture? Pay attention and over time you will learn what type of hairstyles work best for you.

Know Your Lifestyle Issues

Once you have established your face shape, hair type and texture, the next concern should be to know how your lifestyle issues should work with what hairstyle you chose.

Our lifestyle issues change over time, but in the current moment they have a huge importance on what hairstyle will best fit your image and day-to-day living.

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  • Do you work out or participate in sports?
  • Are you fashion conscious? Business-oriented? Work at home?
  • Do you have small children?
  • Is your life pace relaxed or very active?
  • How much time are you willing to spend on your hair each day?
  • What hairstyling tools are you willing to you use?

Take the time to ask Jason Richard

A good hairstylist will help answer questions like; hairstyle with bangs and is it right for you? Can you wear a celebrity hairstyle? Can you wear layered haircut or one length haircut with bangs? Are short hairstyles good for you?

Get these secrets down and banish bad hair days once and for all!